Better Buys awards Toshiba’s e-STUDIO400AC series with Q4 Editor’s Choice Award 2020

The e-STUDIO400AC series took home the award for its high-quality output, robust security, sustainable design, cloud functionality and overall added value to the office environment of small and medium-sized organisations.

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In their review of the device, Better Buys described the e-STUDIO400AC series as “robust and compact colour MFPs (MFDs) to help small and medium workgroups streamline workflows.” They also highlighted the series’ excellent single pass document feeder, strong print speed and maximum paper capacity.

“Toshiba’s ability to produce high quality devices has again been recognised with the Better Buys Editor’s Choice Award,” said Deyon Antoine – Product Managed at Toshiba Tec UK. “Our latest A4 systems offer the functionality and flexibility of larger multifunctional devices but packaged in a more compact yet durable design.”

Toshiba’s e-STUDIO™330AC/400AC in an Office Setting

Big features in a small package

We say don’t be fooled by the small footprint of the e-STUDIO400AC series: these systems are packed with industry-leading technology and innovations. They are systematically engineered to help workgroups connect, integrate, and simplify processes.

RGB Colour Substitution keeps colours accurate when using office applications. Your documents appear exactly as you want them to.

Multi-Station Print Solution lets you send print jobs from your desktop and retrieve them at up to 50 different MFPs. All you need to do is identify yourself at the device, e.g. by simply swiping your badge/ID card.

Embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) simplifies the creation of searchable PDFs and editable document formats such as Microsoft Word. In addition, Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Plus for Zone OCR app increases your productivity while digitising paper documents. Up to three zones of texts, numbers and barcodes are recognised. This information can then be used to automatically sort and/or serve as folder and file names.

Scan and Fax Preview, enables you to review, rotate and modify your scanned documents or incoming faxes before saving or printing them.

Print from and Scan to USB is great for working with your documents when on the go. For quick and easy printouts automatically scaled to the available paper size if requested.

E-mail Direct Printing can automatically print attached documents from e-mails sent to the MFP.

Barcode Printing gives you the option of sending print data from your ERP system directly to the MFP. The barcode sequence is automatically processed and printed without the need for additional middleware.

Toshiba’s e-STUDIO™330AC/400AC in Daycare Setting

Easy to use and highly productive

Toshiba has designed the e-STUDIO400AC series to ensure an easy and pleasant user experience. Thanks to the 10.1” (26 cm), tablet-style multi-touchscreen, the systems are intuitively operable.

The touchscreens are fully customisable for increased productivity and efficiency. That means complicated multi-step processes can be turned into one-touch functions and will help streamline your document workflows.

The large and fully customisable user interface makes the multifunctional printer (MFP) intuitive to use. Simply swipe through the menu and select the feature or function you need. You can then modify the screen to suit your individual preferences.

The Dual Scan Document Feeder holds an impressive 100 originals and delivers an amazing 116 images per minute (ipm) as it scans both sides of the page simultaneously.

With the e-BRIDGE Plus for Green Information app you can see your environmental contribution directly on the screen of the MFP. It provides simple graphs and helps promote more effective paper usage.

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