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At Managed Technology we understand the responsibility corporate leaders face in their attempts to drive down costs, push innovation and maximise productivity.

All of our solutions are tailored and matched specifically to each client's needs. They quickly translate to immediate benefits in document workflow, resource management and cost control.

We can now easily process incoming documents without the need of human intervention, and access stored images quickly and efficiently.

IT Services Manager, Marketing & Media,  Manchester

It is so refreshing to work with a dedicated and personal account management team who know our organisation almost as well as we do.

ICT Services Director, Global Brand Manager, Birmingham

How we help corporate businesses

The influx of 'big data' and information to corporate enterprises these days can seem overwhelming. Its important to find solutions that can streamline workflow and control access to resources whilst at the same time driving down associated costs.

With years of corporate sector expertise Managed Technology are able to quickly understand the DNA of your organisation and implement scalable, global solutions that encompass a range of hardware and sophisticated software solutions directed specifically at corporate enterprises.

We can also help you work within regulatory frameworks and understand the legislative pressures you will undoubtedly be facing.

So imagine a world where all incoming documents are digitised on receipt and then made available throughout your organisation with full security and access control.

Then consider the time staff will save finding and printing documents - and that's in addition to the cost savings you'll be experiencing in fleet management and servicing.

We think you'll soon understand why we're trusted by the corporate sector.

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