Managed Technology Legal

We are heavily focused on accountability for client recharging and the system implemented allows us to do this very well

FD, Commercial Solicitors, Manchester

Using job ticketing software to manage case bundles via an automated system has enabled the function of the print room to become far more efficient

Operations Director, Criminal Law Firm, Essex

How we help legal teams

We understand that keeping track of documents in a hectic legal environment requires a combination of hardware and software solutions.

Our experience in the legal sector allows us to understand the typical document workflows and our willingness to listen to clients means we can tailor bespoke solutions that truly meet requirements.

With a range of world class manufacturers to selct from we’re always confident that we have the solution to meet the needs of any legal practice.

Our hardware solutions are enhanced with the use of sophisticated software suites that allow many print room functions to be streamlined.

Job ticketing, cloud-based collaboration, wireless and mobile printing - all could help save your practice significant sums.

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