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At Managed Technology we always look to understand what is most important to our clients, be they large enterprises or cathedrals, understanding what challenges they face as well as what processes had been used before. With this knowledge a bespoke solution was formed.

Chichester Cathedral, has faced hard times over the years. With outgoing costs rising, outweighing its relatively static income, the cathedral knew something had to change.

The results from this new approach have been extremely positive. The cathedral is forecast to save in excess of £100k over a five year period.

Managed Tech really went the extra mile to find out exactly what we needed. This hands-on approach and personalisation makes such a difference and everyone here at the cathedral is delighted with the quality and functionality of our new photocopiers.

Debbie Atlee, Chapter Secretary at Chichester Cathedral

We were ‘stuck’ in a six-year contract for our three photocopiers with a large UK company who were not only expensive, but also lacked any customer service skills

Sarah Knight, Office Manager at Dogs for Good

How we helped Dogs for Good

There is often a feeling that there is no escaping a “bad” contract. The contract was one that Sarah and her team inherited meaning that they had no real say in what was required. To make matters worse, the photocopier providers had been brought out by a larger company, where communication was worse than before and there was a sense it wasn’t going to get any better.

Unlike all the other providers, Managed Technology drew up a proposal that meant that they could get Dogs for Good out of their pricey contract and move across to Managed Technology. After a couple of meetings, a “grilling from the team” and a concise proposal, the charity decided to sign a new contract with Managed Technology and the installation of three new photocopiers and a new printer. It was, as Sarah describes it, “seamless”.

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How we helped MY Trust

In 2016 The Medway Youth Trust (MY Trust) put out their printing services contract for tender. The youth development organisation based in Kent were battling growing costs for servicing and machine rental and as a small charity they needed more…

Managed Technology won MYT’s trust with their levels of customer service and deep dive into the workings of the charity. Simone goes on to say: “Managed Tech have always been transparent, being honest with us and looking to provide the best deal for our needs. They work with other charities and understand the constraints that come with that."

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One of the first things that Managed Technology did was make a donation to the MY Trust, I think that says it all.

Simone Miles, CEO at The MY Trust

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