How Managed Technology answered Chichester Cathedral’s Prayers

What makes for a successful business?

An inspirational leader at the top? A unique product? Continuous customer demand for your services?

What is always true though, of any successful business, is that outgoings need to be offset by a positive income. In other words, be profitable. Easier said than done, especially when your organisation has a static income and your outgoings are increasing. This was the challenge of Chichester Cathedral.

Chichester Cathedral, founded in 1075 and described as “the most typical English cathedral”, has faced hard times over the years. Be it falling towers, being struck by lightning or being put under siege, the cathedral has endured. However, a new challenge emerged. With outgoing costs rising, outweighing its relatively static income, the cathedral knew something had to change.


How Managed Technology helped

A review of business processes revealed that the cathedral was not only being overcharged on its existing print contract but also the technology in place was becoming less equipped to support its needs. Holidays such as Easter and Christmas were putting significant strain on the printers, with demand for service sheets being far above any other time of the year thanks to an influx of visitors and multiple services. At times printing was being outsourced when the machines went down just before services, adding to costs.


A bespoke Managed Print Service plan

At Managed Technology we always look to understand what is most important to our clients, be they large enterprises or cathedrals, understanding what challenges they face as well as what processes had been used before. With this knowledge a bespoke solution was formed:

  • Two machines that can print booklets for their services, replacing the previous machine that was inefficient leading to outsourcing at peak times, at no extra cost
  • A competitive price
  • A support network in place to ensure that processes remain efficient and cost-effective
  • Print management software that allows the cathedral to track volumes and cross charge internal departments.
  • Several office machines in addition to the those which produce booklets


The results

The results from this new approach have been extremely positive. The new machines can meet the demands of printing service sheets, educational documents and booklets, and a backend process is not having a negative impact on the balance book. In fact since Managed Tech installed the new printers in May 2017, the cathedral is forecast to save in excess of £100k over a five year period, a significant amount for somewhere which has a limited and sometimes even static income!


Debbie Atlee, Chapter Secretary at Chichester Cathedral comments:

“When we reviewed all the behind the scenes processes that go into the running of the Cathedral, we were shocked at how much we were spending on printing. It was an obvious place to make some changes, and Managed Tech really went the extra mile to find out exactly what we needed.  They even took care of releasing us from our existing contract that still had three years left to run. This hands-on approach and personalisation makes such a difference and everyone here at the cathedral is delighted with the quality and functionality of our new photocopiers.”


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