How to get the best of your Managed Technology Services

In the modern workplace, it is often tempting to get the latest technologies. You’ve heard that every “serious” business should have the “next big thing”. Failure to do so could mean that you are left behind by your competitors. But do you really need it? What is the return on investment on it? What problem in your business is it solving? If we are to be honest, the majority of the time you will get a shiny new toy, get excited and try and shoehorn it into your business processes without much success. Soon it will be gathering dust in the corner, as you chase the next piece of “must have” tech and the accounts team are chasing you on why you spent half your budget on a pointless gadget.

At Managed Technology, while we have some of the most innovate technology around, we recognise that technology for technology sake is not a good business decision. We want you to have the best solution for your particular need and get the most out of it. To make things easy, we have split our IT infrastructure and digitisation services into six main offerings:

Print and Copy – supply, install, maintain and service printers and copies

Production Printing – experts in high volume print requirements

Cloud and Mobile – cloud based document storage and wireless print solutions

Unified Communications – provide telecoms solutions such as VOIP, video conferencing and mobile contracts

Data and Workflow – sophisticated document workflow and data capture solutions

Mailroom Solutions – franking and mailroom technologies

Arguably the best way to get the best out of Managed Technology services, is to identify the best one for your needs. This means identifying the problem at its starting point and taking it from there. It will then be clear of what potential service will fix that problem. And tell us what that problem is! Every business is unique, meaning that every problem is unique. Don’t just go for a “Print and Copy” because you want a new printer. Think about why the old printer isn’t up to scratch? Is it remote printing that’s the problem? Is it the volume? The most obvious answer might not be the one you think it is. However, our team of experts will know the best route to take.

There’s no one-size-fits all, so we will work closely with you to create a bespoke solution for your business. So be transparent, be flexible and give us as much information as possible (be it data or anecdotal evidence). It all helps you get the best out of us, and that’s the idea! We want to help you boost productivity and save money so that you get the best return on investment as possible.

We can assure you our services won’t be gathering dust in the corner!