Introducing Canon’s New Flagship ImagePRESS V Series: Unleashing Unprecedented Print Productivity and Flexibility

At Managed Technology, we are excited to announce Canon Europe’s latest innovation in the digital printing industry—the extension of their highly successful imagePRESS V series. Canon has introduced two new additions to the lineup: the powerful flagship V1350 and the versatile V900 series. With cutting-edge technological advancements and a user-friendly design, these printers redefine the standards of cut-sheet toner productivity. They empower commercial and in-house print service providers (PSPs) to overcome production challenges and meet the growing demands of customers who require high-quality, dynamic print content on tight deadlines.

Unleashing Unparalleled Performance and Productivity

The flagship model, imagePRESS V1350, sets a new benchmark for productivity in its class of colour toner production presses. Boasting an impressive top speed of 135 pages per minute and the ability to handle up to 2.4 million A4 pages per month, the V1350 is engineered for reliability and longevity. Equipped with a vacuum-feeding mechanism, an advanced Print on Demand-Surface Rapid Fusing (POD-SURF) unit, and an integrated cooling system, this printer supports long, continuous periods of high-speed printing without paper jams. Whether it’s brochures, leaflets, high-end mailings, or cards, the V1350 delivers offset-like quality from the first to the last sheet of every job, ensuring exceptional colour stability with its Multi-D.A.T. colour correction system and In-Line Spectrophotometric Sensor.

Unmatched Application Flexibility

Canon’s entry-level model in the V series, the imagePRESS V900 series, offers outstanding application flexibility for printers with monthly volumes of up to 500,000 A4 pages. The series provides consistent high quality and productivity for fast-paced production environments, available in three different models—the V900, V800, and V700. The V900 stands out as the most compact device in the family, supporting various printable applications. From 52gsm plain and 70gsm coated to 350gsm thick media, narrow envelopes, banners, and embossed/synthetic paper, the V900 enables PSPs to produce diverse print products effortlessly. With enhanced vacuum technology and specialised feed rollers, this printer ensures seamless transport stability for thin and thick paper, expanding the range of media options while preventing paper jams.

Empowering Efficiency and Ease of Use:

Canon understands the importance of ease of use and operational efficiency for print service providers. That’s why both the imagePRESS V1350 and V900 series incorporate time- and labour-saving automation features. The V900, in particular, removes the need for a highly skilled operator, thanks to its optional Duplex Colour Image Reader Unit. This unit allows rapid pre-print adjustments for front and back registration, colour gradation, colour density, and secondary transfer voltage. With the Automatic Document Feeder, the V900 automatically adjusts settings based on printed adjustment charts, delivering impressive accuracy. Additionally, remote alerts notify operators when consumables are running low, streamlining maintenance tasks.

Unlocking New Possibilities

Jennifer Kolloczek, European Planning, Marketing & Innovation Senior Director, Production Print at Canon Europe, explains the significance of the imagePRESS V series: “The V1350 and V900 additions will allow print service providers to work better, faster and offer their customers more high-value print products.” The series brings a fresh perspective to digital toner press design and provides enhanced automation, a wide range of feeding and finishing options, and seamless workflow integration. By utilising print management applications such as PRISMAsync Remote Manager and PRISMAlytics Dashboard, users can optimise print performance, reduce manual intervention, minimise waste, and boost profitability. The imagePRESS V series also features controls for maintaining real-time colour consistency and offers additional options for the automation of quality control tasks.


Canon’s imagePRESS V series continues to push the boundaries of digital printing technology, addressing the evolving needs of commercial and in-house print service providers. The flagship V1350 and the versatile V900 series bring unprecedented productivity levels, application flexibility, and user-friendly automation. With Canon’s commitment to continuous innovation, print service providers can confidently embrace new print volumes, expand their offerings, and fuel the growth of their businesses. Stay tuned for these remarkable additions to the imagePRESS V series and experience a new era of digital printing possibilities.

We are excited to share that the new imagePRESS V1350 will be commercially available from Managed Technology in the first half of next year, while the V900 series will be available from December 2022.