Introducing Ricoh’s Next Generation IM C**10 Series

With the launch of the next-generation IM C**10 Series, Ricoh aims to strengthen its market-leading position by delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of smart organisations investing in new technology. This new range has been meticulously designed based on four essential requirements for any forward-thinking organisation: innovation, security, adaptability, and sustainability.

The new Ricoh printer range models:

  • IM C2010/IM C2010A
  • IM C2510
  • IM C3010/IM C3010A
  • IMC3510/IMC3510A
  • IM C4510/IM C4510A
  • IM C5510A
  • IM C6010

This new range introduces many new and improved features, each catering to the specific demands of these key areas. Let’s delve into the highlights of this cutting-edge range:

Optimised, Cloud-Based, and Secure Print Management Infrastructure

In today’s dynamic work environment, users need the flexibility to print from anywhere, at any time. The IM C**10 Series addresses this requirement by providing an optimised, cloud-based, and secure print management infrastructure. This innovative solution allows users to print documents seamlessly, regardless of location. This enhanced accessibility empowers employees to be more productive, even when they are away from the office.

Customisable Devices with Cloud-Based Applications and Solutions

Recognising the diverse needs of organisations, Ricoh has developed the IM C**10 Series to be highly customisable. Through RICOH Smart Integration, users can leverage cloud-based applications and solutions that align with their specific workflow requirements. This flexibility enables employees to work faster, smarter, and more securely, improving efficiency and collaboration.

Support for Powerful Solution Suites

The range is compatible with robust solution suites such as Streamline NX, which offers integrated document management for enhanced process efficiency. These comprehensive solutions allow organisations to streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and optimise document-related processes. This seamless integration empowers organisations to achieve higher productivity.

New Smart Document Server Application

Ricoh introduced the Smart Document Server application in the IM C**10 Series to ensure uniformity across its range of Smart UI applications. This innovative addition provides a consistent user experience, aligning the UI with other applications. Users can navigate the interface effortlessly and take advantage of the intuitive functionalities, resulting in a smoother and more efficient document management process.

Outstanding Security

Ricoh understands the importance of keeping customer information safe and consistently updates its devices to avoid potential risks. The IM C**10 Series incorporates advanced security measures, including WPA3 authentication, TPM 2.0, multi-factor authentication, and improved privileged account control. These features ensure the highest level of data protection, reducing the risk of a security breach.

Enhanced Productivity and Workspace Experience

Its user-friendly interface includes a 10.1″ Smart Operation Panel, offering improved usability and accessibility. With features like the Smart Device Connector app, seamless connectivity with mobile devices is achieved, facilitating efficient collaboration. Moreover, the devices are equipped with faster CPUs, higher scan speeds, SSD storage for increased speed and reliability, and ample memory. These hardware advancements result in quicker and more reliable performance, supporting digital document workflows seamlessly.

New Benchmark in Sustainability

The devices are constructed using 50% post-consumer recycled plastic in the mainframe, while PET toner bottles are produced from 100% recycled plastic. Additionally, Ricoh has reduced plastic packaging by 54%, utilising more sustainable materials. With low-melt toner, reduced power consumption, and carbon offsetting options, the IM C**10 Series significantly contributes to reducing environmental impact.


Ricoh’s Always Current Technology ensures ongoing access to the latest security features and upgrades, eliminating the need to wait for a technician or contract renewal. This flexibility empowers organisations to stay up-to-date with technology advancements, enabling seamless integration with other business applications and maintaining a competitive edge.


Ricoh’s Intelligent Support platform provides users with a range of support options, including self-help tools, remote assistance, and proactive device maintenance intelligence. This multi-faceted service and support system ensures uninterrupted operations, minimising downtime and maximising cost savings.

New Generation Smart Operation Panel

The third-generation 10.1″ Smart Operation Panel offers improved usability, faster processing power, capacitive touch panel, enhanced brightness levels, touch sensitivity, and improved position detection. Powered by Android OS 10, this panel also provides enhanced security features to safeguard critical business documents and data. The inclusion of Smart UI apps, such as the Smart Document Server, ensures a cohesive user experience with uniformity across applications.

The next generation IM C**10 Series from Ricoh sets a new standard in innovation, security, adaptability, and sustainability. Designed to meet the ever-changing needs of modern organisations, this range offers a comprehensive suite of features and solutions. From cloud-based print management to customisable devices, robust security measures to enhanced productivity, and sustainable practices to ongoing support, the IM C**10 Series ensures that organisations can thrive in the digital age. With Ricoh’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, the IM C**10 Series is undoubtedly the ideal choice for organisations seeking state-of-the-art printing solutions.