Managed Technology Receives Customer Accreditation

Managed Technology has received its ISO 9001, demonstrating its commitment to customer expectations and delivery of customer service.

The certification evaluates whether a business’s Quality Management System (QMS) is appropriate and effective. During the assessment process, Managed Technology was able to have full visibility of how the whole business operated, with areas of improvement being easy to identify. By having these business functions assessed regularly, the likelihood of continuous improvement is more likely.
And the biggest upshot of such certification? The impact on the customer.

In an industry where the customer is always king, finding ways that will make them happier, and more likely to use your services, are invaluable. The ISO 9001 certification ensures that Managed Technology customers can be certain that they are receiving the best service and products that meet their requirements. This accreditation sits alongside Managed Technology’s attitude to customer solutions: the offering of a bespoke service that works best for you.

Receiving the accreditation has had a positive impact within Managed Technology itself. As well as the reassurance that customers are getting the best service possible, the ISO 9001 accreditation is a confirmation that Managed Technology are delivery consistent performance. This is down to the people behind the scenes, the people on the ground. This “reward” for their hard work leads to an increase in job satisfaction, improved morale which results in an improvement in business results. A happy workforce is a successful one.

The Directors were delighted upon hearing the news saying “It’s always good to be recognised for the hard work you’ve put in. To receive such a customer centric accreditation, which involves such a stringent set of requirements, is testimony to the amazing team that we have here. Our whole business revolves around customer delivery, and the ISO 9001 accreditation shows that what we are doing is the right way.”