Ricoh IM C Series Launch

Today’s businesses are challenged with adapting to change at an unprecedented speed. They need to ensure that the technology they invest in today can grow with them and provide value for years to come. Low-quality service is not tolerated any more with customers expecting near instant response to fault resolution.

To meet this demand, Ricoh has launched the IM C series. As part of Ricoh’s ‘Dynamic Workplace Intelligence’ concept, the range uses the ‘Always Current Technology’ to meet today’s – and tomorrow’s – customer expectations.

What is Ricoh’s Always Current Technology?

Just like your smartphone, Ricoh’s new IM C range is continuously updated with new features and upgrades as they become available. Previously, additional hardware needed adding, often part-way through the device’s life, which wasn’t cost effective. From now on with Ricoh, they can gain instant access to new apps and capabilities as they hit the market.

How many devices are there in the Ricoh IM C range?

The IM C range comprises of 13 new A3 intelligent MFDs, they are:

  • Ricoh IM C2000 – 20 pages per minute
  • Ricoh IM C2500 – 25 pages per minute
  • Ricoh IM C3000 – 30 pages per minute
  • Ricoh IM C3500 – 35 pages per minute
  • Ricoh IM C4500 – 45 pages per minute
  • Ricoh IM C5500 – 55 pages per minute
  • Ricoh IM C6000 – 60 pages per minute

Although this range is based on the previous multi-award-winning Ricoh MPC 04 range, it has numerous hardware changes to further improve warm-up times, first time to print, scanning speeds, and more.

New and Improved Touch Screen

Image of Ricoh Smart Operational Panel Touchscreen
The all-new highly responsive touch screen

The range incorporates Ricoh’s latest Smart Operational Panel that uses an upgraded processor. Users will experience faster transition between applications and a smooth, sensitive touch screen. What sets this interface apart from the competition’s is the ability to customise it to service individual workplace workflows and needs. So, with new features being released all the time, we’re looking forward to seeing what’s coming.

Industry Leading Remote Service

One of the benefits of being a Managed Technology customer has always been that service is provided directly by the manufacturers’ service departments. Our customers have access to thousands of field-based engineers and the full backing of internal support teams, a far cry from traditional local dealer support.

Ricoh’s new smart panel with RemoteConnect support takes our servicing to new heights, giving Ricoh’s technicians remote device access to swiftly solve users’ issues. The new Condition Based Maintenance (CMB) enhances this further, enabling engineers to proactively diagnose and resolve problems, without any interruption to the customer. This extraordinary platform works full-time to anticipate issues and help prevent them arising.

Internal Multi-Fold Finisher

Companies with limited space can rejoice at the news of the new Internal Multi-Folding finishing unit. This compact accessory allows customers to create professional looking documents without a bulky finisher taking up space. It has four paper folding pattern options: Z-fold, half-fold, inner-tru fold and outer tri-fold. Available on the Ricoh IM C3000 and above.

Ricoh Internal Multi Folding Unit FD3010
Folding options (left to right): Z-fold, half-fold, outer tri-fold, inner tri-fold.