What is an alternative to PaperCut print management software?

Today we are looking at print management software and one question we are frequently asked: What is an alternative to PaperCut?

For many people, PaperCut may be the only print management software they have heard of and perhaps used. From humble beginnings in Australia in the late ’90s, PaperCut broke ground in the education sector, helping schools to reduce their print volumes and cut the number of prints ending up in recycling. Since then, PaperCut has become the number one choice in almost every business sector.

If PaperCut is so popular, why look at alternatives?

The main reason why we are asked about alternatives to PaperCut is that IT departments do not want the headache of managing additional software on their networks. PaperCut is an incredibly accomplished product with dozens of advanced features, such as least cost routing (where print jobs are directed to the most cost-effective printer). Still, the majority of the time customers only require “the basics,” see below.

Print Management Basics

  • Secure Print Release – the ability to release your own prints via PIN or a swipe card
  • Follow Me Printing – the ability to collect prints at any MFP
  • Delete Unwanted Prints – the ability to delete prints sent in error or which are no longer required
  • Change Print Setting at the device – the ability to adjust print job settings at the device, such as changing from colour to mono, or adding staple finishing
  • Basic Reporting – the ability to see the print volume of individuals or departments for monitoring and billing

Serverless Print Management Software

The most significant factor why businesses look for alternatives to PaperCut is how the software is deployed. PaperCut is both a server and a client-based software product, meaning IT departments not only have to support additional software but may need to purchase other hardware too.

For those businesses looking for “the basics,” and without the burden of additional software, serverless print management is the answer.

Toshiba Multi Station Print

Toshiba’s Multi Station Print is the ideal solution for those looking for serverless print management. Designed specifically for its eSTUDIO range of MFPs, it ticks the boxes for those companies looking for “the basics.” And it comes with a significant cost saving compared with PaperCut.

Picture the scene. You urgently need to print some documents, but when you walk up to the MFP, you see that the system is busy with someone else’s large print job. You lose valuable time because you must return to your desk, delete the original print job and send a new one to another MFP before you can collect it.

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Next systems come with Multi Station Print as an option, which allows you to collect your print jobs from up to ten MFPs on your network. And all without having to install a server.

Multi Station Print feature is a serverless printing solution that saves you time and resources. Not only do you keep the costs of installing and maintaining a server, but you also benefit in your everyday office life.

Simply authenticate at the MFP of your choice – either by card or by pin – to collect your documents. If necessary, you can even make some last-minute changes to the print settings directly at the MFP itself or re-print documents without having to re-send them. This saves you time and reduces print waste. Plus, your documents are safe as they cannot be printed without you first authenticating at a system.

Multi Station Print does not require a server and is easy to install, ensuring that user information and address books from one MFP can easily be cloned to others.

Multi Station Print highlights:

  • With Multi Station Print you can also change the printer settings at the MFP itself before releasing the print job. This allows you to quickly modify settings without having to re-send the print job.
  • A serverless printing solution which allows you to print from any of up to ten MFPs within your network.
  • Make last-minute changes to your print job directly at the MFP or re-print previous jobs.
  • Save valuable resources by reducing time to print as well as server maintenance costs.

Where does Multi Station Print fit?

Multi Station Print is an ideal solution for businesses and offices in which users share multiple MFPs. 

  • Education
    • Increased efficiency as users do not have to wait when an MFP is busy
  • Government
    • Sharing devices among different departments help optimise the print fleet
    • Document security is given thanks to the need to authenticate before releasing a print job
  • General office
    • Optimised usage of installed MFPs increases value for money ratio
    • A reduction in prints sent in error equals lower printing and paper cost

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