Why you should make the switch to Toshiba’s cloud printing

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the adoption of flexible working practices has become increasingly prevalent. Teams are now dispersed across different locations, including various offices, remote workspaces, and even different countries. It’s evident that there is a growing preference for informal work environments that prioritise convenience and simplicity, enabling easy access to corporate resources and streamlined printing systems. Consequently, organisations are actively seeking innovative ways to digitally transform their processes and empower their employees with increased flexibility.

Strategic investments in future-proof technologies have become imperative to ensure business resilience and continuity. An ideal solution should drive flexibility, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness while effectively addressing operational pain points and delivering tangible value. The question arises: Does such a comprehensive solution exist?

Cloud-based solutions emerge as the answer, offering the ability to meet all these requirements and establishing themselves as indispensable tools for forward-thinking organisations. Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive have long supported distributed teams. However, the benefits of cloud technology extend beyond mere file storage. Migrating print services to the cloud is the logical next step, enabling remote access to corporate resources. Let’s delve into the numerous advantages of implementing a cloud print solution within your business framework.

What distinguishes Toshiba’s cloud printing solution from your current setup?

Elimination of server hardware requirement

Traditional print infrastructures often rely on on-premise server hardware, incurring significant acquisition, maintenance, and service costs. In contrast, solutions like offer a serverless alternative that eliminates the need for local hardware and client software. By installing the app on your Toshiba MFP, you can establish seamless and secure communication with the cloud, empowering remote print management without the complexities of hardware installation. Cloud print management is the ideal solution if streamlining your print infrastructure is a priority.

Cost savings

Migrating to a cloud printing solution brings substantial cost savings in various aspects. It begins with the immediate cost benefits of avoiding print server hardware procurement and reducing IT administration, service, and maintenance expenditures. Additionally, cloud print solutions generate indirect cost savings across the organisation. The flexibility of cloud printing injects agility into workflows, saving valuable time previously spent commuting for document access, printing, and retrieval. Empowering workers to control and manage their print activities from any location enhances productivity and increases profitability over time.

Enhanced sustainability

Unregulated and inefficient printing practices can have a detrimental impact on the environment and financial resources. Cloud-based print management gives users greater control over their printing operations, reducing the risk of abandoned printouts and unnecessary paper waste. By embracing cloud printing, companies can take progressive steps toward implementing sustainable practices and aligning their operations with environmental objectives.

Robust security measures

Security concerns often arise with remote printing. However, Toshiba’s cloud printing solutions prioritise stringent security protocols. Communication channels are consistently encrypted, ensuring maximum security for user data, billing information, and print-related content. Strict separation of customer credentials and data protects personal information, while secure print release functionality eliminates the risk of sensitive documents falling into the wrong hands.


A significant advantage of cloud solutions lies in their inherent scalability. Whether your business is small-scale or a multinational corporation with numerous locations, offices, users, and MFPs, a cloud print solution accommodates your growth trajectory effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted support.

Empowering possibilities

Embracing informal and flexible working styles empowers teams and signifies adaptability. Identifying areas requiring future-proofing and determining strategic investments can be complex. However, feature-rich cloud print solutions free up time for crucial priorities and equip teams with the flexibility to confront future challenges.

At Managed Technology, we specialise in evaluating the most suitable hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our expertise lies in seamless integration strategies, simplifying printing environments, and optimising workflow efficiency. After completing the migration process, your team can unleash their creativity, collaborate effortlessly, and print their best ideas from anywhere. Partner with us to unlock the true potential of cloud print solutions and propel your business towards increased productivity and agility.

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